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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why the name? What is it?

    pa·lav·er /pəˈlavər/
    [noun] Prolonged and idle discussion.

    Palaver stands for improvident prolonged chat. We think that mobile communication should be possible without the worry of your privacy being compromised.

    IRC is a protocol that has only been popular for a very select group of people. With Palaver we try to simplify the use of this protocol to enable new users to easily start using secure chatroom based chat, without bothering them with hard technical nuisances. Palaver is easy to use, quick and secure.

  2. Who made Palaver?

    Palaver is built and maintained by Kyle Fuller, with the help of Decode for most graphical work.

  3. On what platforms available?

    Palaver is currently available on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

  4. Is it open source?

    The source of Palaver itself is closed, but under the name of Cocode Labs we release a ton of great open source pieces that Palaver relies on. Check it out!

  5. How do I get push notifications?

    For push notifications you will first need to have ZNC. ZNC is a service that allows you to stay online on IRC indefinitely; even when you're gone. Install ZNC on a server as described here. When installed you need to install the ZNC palaver plugin. You will find more information about this plugin here.

  6. Why doesn't Palaver stay connected in the background?

    Palavers stays connected in the background for up to 30 seconds. iOS does not allow apps to stay connected for longer than 30 seconds. In previous versions of iOS this used to be longer, the limit has been 10 minutes, then 3 minutes, and finally the 30 seconds we have today.

    We encourage checking out network such as, or a bouncer such as ZNC instead.

  7. How do I install Palaver on older iOS versions?

    1. First launch iTunes on your computer.
    2. Go to the App Store tab in iTunes.
    3. Find Palaver for iOS and click the Get button.

    1. Then launch the App Store on your iOS device.
    2. Tap on Purchased at the bottom.
    3. Find Palaver on the purchased list list.
    4. Tap download to install.
    5. Confirm that you’d like to download the latest compatible version when prompted.

  8. Your question not on the list?

    Feel free to contact us.


  1. ZNC

    ZNC is a service that allows you to stay online on IRC indefinitely; even when you're gone. It also allows you to receive push notifications with the Palaver plugin. Check out the ZNC wiki for more information.


    If you're using Planio as your IRC server, you won't need to install anything as Palaver push notifications are supported out of the box.

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