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Moving Palaver's support channel

Palaver is officially moving its support channel to We will relay #palaver to Libera Chat for those who do not want to maintain an additional IRC network in their setup as we understand another one may not be appealing to many.


The Ergo IRC daemon (formerly known as Oragono) pushes forward IRC standards by actively engaging in, and developing these standards as apart of the IRCv3 Working Group. This aligns with Palaver's goals to provide a modern IRC experience. Some of these newer features fit in great with Palaver and provide an IRC experience that is not found elsewhere:

Features like these go great with Palaver, one of the constant frustrations from our users is the inability to stay connected for a longer period of time on iOS and iPadOS. solves that, without the need of a secondary bouncer server such as ZNC.

How do I configure?

Configure a new network with the address

The always on feature requires you to have an account with the server. This can be setup with NickServ, for example:

/msg NickServ register <your password> <your email address>

Once you have an account, you can enable always-on so that you can stay connected when you disconnect Palaver:

/msg NickServ set always-on true

When you have configured always-on, will store your messages while you are away so that they can be replayed to you when you're back.

Then finally, configure Palaver to authenticate to with SASL. To do this go into the "Options" next to the network, tap "Edit", go to "Authentication" at the end of the list and select SASL and enter your credentials.

What about push notifications?

At the moment push notifications are not supported between Palaver and the Ergo IRC daemon so you can miss out on notifications while in the background today.

Both Palaver and the team behind Ergo IRC are building a new standard on push notifications for IRC so we can tightly integrate push notifications into the mix.

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